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We ring in the new year with firecrackers, confetti, champagne and of course Happy New Year wishes. Well, the New Years comes with a Fresh Start, New opportunities and an exhilarating sense of rejuvenation. We often make New Year’s resolution is an attempt to improve ourselves and to be better towards others. Expressing our love, gratitude, respect and appreciation to others, on this day and sending them wishes for new year’s is a great way to share the spirit with our friends, family and co-workers. So, guys, we will be discussing some expression that people use related to New Year’s and also how you can wish someone a very ‘“Happy New Year”.







So firstly let’s look at the expression “ New year’s  Eve”. Now, remember friends, New Year’s Eve is the night that you party and you actually bring in the New year’s which is 31st Dec. And New year’s Day is January 1st. So, many people do get a little confused, so there are two different English Phrases that we use for these two different Days. The first one is December 31st which is Your New year’s Eve, you bring in the New Year’s and the second phrases that we use is the New Year’s Day which is actually January 1st. 




Now, let’s discuss the expression that you actually use if you plan to do something on New year Eve. Now many people do ask you, right? “Hey, so what are you doing for your New Years Eve?”, “What are your plans?”. So which are the expressions that we use one thing that you can use is, “We are going for a weekend retreat.” Now you this expression for a weekend gateway, which actually means that you have planned to just go out somewhere pretty close, not very far from where you live and just relax and celebrate the New years with your friends and family.




The second expression that you can use is, “ Throwing a bash at Home”. Like I am throwing a bash at home. Now if you have a big party at your home with your friends and family use this expression, which means you are gonna celebrate dancing and partying at your home. Another expression in English that you can use is that ”its a date night”. So if someone asks you what are your plans? You can say well its date night. Now, date night is if you and your partner are just going out for a nice romantic dinner and that’s how you are gonna bring in the Happy new year 2020 together.

Wish You A very vey Happy New Year 2020


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