65+ Beautiful & Simple Rangoli Design Ideas for Diwali!

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As Navratri ends, people start decorating their homes with rangoli to celebrate Vijayadashami. For centuries, it is performed by every Indian to decorate their door border with unique and simple rangoli designs.

Rangoli is known by many names in different parts of India as kolam, muggulu, muggitu, mandana.

During the festivities, people especially hindu’s decorate their office, shop, home with peacock rangoli, Ganesh rangoli, flower rangoli design with the theme for Diwali.

Even though, rangoli is designed with different colors. However, nowadays, many women in the village also use chalk powder or limestone powder on the floor to design Swastik rangoli, door rangoli design, and other beautiful designs of rangoli for Diwali.

Rice flour is one of the eco-friendly options that is generally practiced because it can also be easily consumed as a food source by tiny insects and birds

So practice mentioned below unique, beautiful & simple idea of rangoli designs for Diwali from the comfort of your homes, office and impress your in-laws, friends, or your neighbors.

swastik rangoli

simple kolam designs

door rangoli design

corner rangoli designs

short rangoli design

easy rangoli designs for beginners

very easy rangoli


unique rangoli designs


unique rangoli design


very easy rangoli designs

small rangoli kolam

small rangoli designs for home

small rangoli designs for home

small rangoli design

simple rangoli designs with dots

simple rangoli for diwali

simple rangoli kolam

simple rangoli kolam designs

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simple rangoli designs

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rangoli kolangal

rangoli muggulu

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rangoli kolam

rangoli for dhanteras

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peacock rangoli designs for diwali

peacock rangoli kolam

rangoli design

rangoli design for diwali

rangoli design for diwali

peacock rangoli design

lotus rangoli designs

rangoli muggulu designs latest

kolam simple rangoli

kolam rangoli

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easy alpana design

easy rangoli design

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easy rangoli kolam

diya rangoli

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rangoli design for diwali

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free hand rangoli design for diwali

easy rangoli designs for beginners

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colourful rangoli

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