I love Holidays (Yes I am very fond of the festival) and always wondered about the “ why” of Holidays. Such as Why do we Celebrate and How to prepare for the festival. What to send to my friend s and family as a gift and cards. 

After so many How and Why I decided to write a blog on the festival. Because I had thoughts that if I am that curious to know many things so others do as well. 

I started designing this site with my friends. Who also work with me. Being a blogger, we had also thought that we could make any blog which is friendly to adult and child as well.

This site has had its own policy which cannot be spiled by anyone. And all the information, contents and article was written by me. The basic focus of this website is to answer every question about Holiday i.e Why we celebrate? How to celebrate? and What it teaches to us?

राम नवमी 2022: भगवान राम के बारे में 5 अज्ञात तथ्य जो आप नहीं जानते? 2022 ईद-उल-फितर महीना के बारे में जाने कुछ रोचक बातें।