Happy 74th Independence Day in India 2020 | 15 August Hidden Facts

15 august 2020 independence day

15 August 2020 independence day

The auspicious occasion of a free India is celebrated on 15th August as Independence day all over India. On this day, in 1947 India was declared as a free nation. After 200 years of struggle and suppression of people in India finally came the day of freedom. Lord Mountbatten, gave the power of legislative sovereignty to the constituent assembly of India. From the 1930s this day was celebrated on 26 January by the leaders of the nation. But later on, it was postponed to be celebrated on 15 August.

Telecasted LIVE from the Red Fort:

India’s 74th Independence Day Celebrations speech – PM’s address to the Nation

history of independence day
Independence day in India speech

Independence day in India speech

History of  Independence Day- (Hidden Facts)

India had a long struggle against the dominance of the Britishers. Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the nation. It is also a mark of the separation of two huge nations- Pakistan and India.


Jawaharlal Nehru was the power holder of the position of Prime Minister at that time. On 15 August 1947, PM Jawaharlal Nehru hosted the National Flag of India from the Red Fort in the capital state of India.

From that day this became a tradition for all the Prime Ministers, i.e. to host the Indian flag from Red Fort in Delhi. The heads of all the three forces- the Navy, Army, and Air force showcase their skills and powers in the parade conducted on that day.

Like every year, This 15 august 2020 independence day live telecast of the parade is done on Doordarshan to all the public households. Police also joins them in this parade and showcase their skills.

All the people from all over India and across the world wait for the magnificent parade on the morning of 15th August every year. Females have made their special place in the parade through the showcase of their extra-ordinary skills and power. Many troops are now headed with a female commander, which was not common in the earlier times. But with the passing of time women from all the forces made their significant contribution in the parade. The young generation attracts all the eyeballs in the parade. Students, especially from schools showcase their unique talents in the parade.

74th Independence Day in India 2020

How Independence Day is Celebrated in India

One more tradition of flying kites has become a crucial part of the Independence day in India. People from all over the country enthusiastically participate in kite flying. People from all age groups take part in it, especially the youth and children.

The Prime Minister of India gives a powerful speech which is awaited by all. The speech combines topics such as the strong power the country possesses, the current dominance of the country, and it’s future aspects in all fields of the world. Different state Chief Ministers also host the national flag in their respective states. The offices of all the government sectors are lit for the whole day in accordance with the celebration of this day, though no official work is done on Independence day.

Schools from across the country put the importance of this day in front of their students. A day prior to the Independence day is used to celebrate this special occasion in school. All government and private educational institutions also host the national flag in their respective institutions and sing the national anthem as done by the Prime Minister of India from the Red fort.

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74th Independence day of India

This year India will be celebrating the 74th Independence day. This day embarks the sacrifice of all the freedom fighters that selflessly devoted their lives for the nation and to all the national leaders that had made India a developed and prosperous nation.

This year the current officeholder for the post of Prime Minister, which is Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi will convey a powerful speech from the Red fort on 15 august 2020 independence day. His past speeches have put forward some strong points, especially the Clean India Campaign, Digital India, and Make in India.

They are the most important and promising campaigns that have begun. These campaigns help in making a brighter future for the country and striving it to develop more.

This year too, people from all over the country will have their transfixed eyes on their televisions to see the parade. Many people also get the passes for the parade and get the golden chance of seeing the live parade in front of their eyes.

There is also a harsh truth that with the passing of time people are losing interest in the celebration of this auspicious day. They are being ignorant of all the sacrifices made by the brave hearts.

We should pledge that we should just not be patriotic for one day but celebrate the spirit of this day every day of the year. One should do their bit for their country and fulfil their duty.

Other Countries Celebrating Independence day

1. South Korea

south korea independence day

National Liberation Day of Korea

2. Liechtenstein

independence day 2020

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